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CBSE Class 10 Social Science 30% Deleted Syllabus 2023-24: Check List of Deleted Topics for Board Exam 2024

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus includes the list of deleted topics which will not be a part of the CBSE Class 10 Assessment for the 2023-24 session. Students need not prepare these deleted chapters/topics for CBSE Board Exam 2024.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24: The CBSE Board has recently reduced the Social Science syllabus for Class 10 by 30%. This reduction is applicable to students who will be appearing for the CBSE Board Exam in the academic year 2023-24.

It is crucial for Class 10 students to be aware of the topics that have been deleted from the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus. By doing so, they can avoid studying irrelevant content and focus on the necessary material for their board exam preparations.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science 30% Deleted

In this article, we provide a chapter-wise list of the topics that have been eliminated from the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus for the academic session 2023-24.

CBSE 10th & 12th Result 2023 Releases

Additionally, we include the page numbers of the NCERT Books, indicating the contents that will not be considered for CBSE assessment in the 2023-24 session.

To ensure that they have access to the most up-to-date information, CBSE Class 10 students are advised to refer to the reprinted edition of the NCERT Books, as these books have been revised and rationalized for the current academic session.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24: Check chapter-wise topics removed from the syllabus below:

ChapterDeleted Topics
India and the Contemporary World-II
No Deletion
Contemporary India – II 
Chapter – Resources and DevelopmentTypes of Resources.
Chapter – Forest and WildlifeBiodiversity or Biological Diversity

Flora and Fauna in India

Vanishing Forests

Asiatic Cheetah: Where did they go?

The Himalayan Yew in trouble

Project Tiger

Chapter – AgricultureImpact of Globalization on Agriculture
Chapter -Manufacturing IndustriesIndustry Market Linkage

Cotton Textiles, Jute Textiles, Sugar Industry

Iron Steel Industry, Cement Industry

Understanding Economic Development
No Deletion
Unit 3: Democratic Politics – II
Chapter – Democracy and DiversityFull Chapter
Chapter – Gender, Religion and Casteimage on page 46, 48, 49 of

NCERT Textbook – Democratic Politics –II

– reprinted edition 2020-2021)

Chapter – Popular Struggles and MovementsFull Chapter
Chapter – Challenges to DemocracyFull Chapter

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24: Check deleted exercises from NCERT Class 10 Social Science Book below:

India and the Contemporary World-II

No Changes

Contemporary India – II 
ChapterPage No.Dropped Topics/Chapters
Chapter 1 – Resources and Development2–3


Types of Resources.

Box information

Chapter 2 – Forest and Wildlife14–18From second paragraph of ‘Flora and Fauna in India’ to ‘The Himalayan Yew in Trouble’, box information, Figs 2.1 and 2.2
Chapter 4 – Agriculture43–46Contribution of agriculture to the national economy, employment and output, Impact of globalisation on agriculture
Chapter 6 -Manufacturing Industries64–66



Contribution of industry to national economy, paragraphs from cotton textiles (India exports… fibre industry), Jute textiles (Challenges… products), Sugar industry (Major… baggase), Iron Steel industry (In 2019… consumer of steel; Though… and discuss), Cement industry (Improvement… industry) and Activity (pg. 72), Table 6.1, Figs 6.1, 6.2 and 6.5
Appendix93–94Appendix II
Understanding Economic Development No Deletion
Democratic Politics – II
ChapterPage No.Dropped Topics/Chapters
Chapter 3 – Democracy and Diversity29–38Full Chapter
Chapter 4 – Gender, Religion and Caste46–48


Images on page 46, 48 and 49
Chapter 5 – Popular Struggles and Movements57–70Full Chapter
Chapter 6: Political Parties76Full page
Chapter 8 – Challenges to Democracy101–112Full Chapter

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